Production process of the fish print 
I take the slime of the fish
I remove the internal organs of the fish and clean it
I fill the change of the internal organs with paper
On the board pick you up, and fix the form (support a fish using smallboards)
I stabilize it so that a fish does not move
I starch the whole fish
On the fish, I cover with cloth or paper
I take water by a sprayer from the top
I let a fish and cloth adhere using a sponge (air is careful not to enter then)
I dry it with a dryer
By this process, a scale and the measuring line of the fish become easy to appear
I tone the color that I want to use beforehand and prepare.
I attach paint to タンポ (I swat it from a light color in turn using タンポ)
By the process to paint with, I use six colors even at least.
I tear off cloth from a fish if colored in the whole

The last process
I draw an eye with a writing brush
I let you compete for cloth and the cardboard of the work using paste
(careful about mixture of a wrinkle and the air)
I put it in a sum and am completion after I push the seal
The point that is the most important, and is difficult
Quantity of the oil to mix with oil colors
Just right hardness of タンポ
I lengthen the paint which attached to タンポ uniformly
I use the strength and weakness of タンポ tastily and acquire a color
I am careful not to protrude from the form of the fish
There are other a lot of matters that require attention
タンポ is the thing which I put cotton in cloth and tied up with rubber.
(Janease name カラー魚拓)